J & J Brand Company

J AND J BRAND COMPANY was formed in June 2016 as an import, export and distribution company servicing the FMCG market. Since its inception, the company has moved remarkably quickly to get all of the groundwork established in order to begin trading. Within this short period of time the company founded and launched a wine label and a first to market caffeine and electrolyte water. J AND J BRAND COMPANY is also exploring the possibility of entering the pharmaceutical space through an all-natural sleep supplement, and all natural energy shot, and various other first to market products that are perfectly tailored for the travel, tourist, e-commerce, and retail industry.

J AND J BRAND COMPANY has found itself in an extremely advantageous position by partnering with a consultant in the U.S. who has many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and oversees the continued smooth operation of a large number of manufacturing plants, some of which produce FMCG products on a large scale.

Our arrangement is whenever there is a cutting edge, innovative ready for retail product that is launching and showing promise in the U.S. market that might have potential to succeed in the South African market we are made aware of the opportunity and will either explore bringing the product into our domestic setting as it is currently being manufactured, or look to rebrand the product to better service our consumers needs.

As it stands, the company is focusing on its current catalog of offerings so as to afford each of our three primary products enough time and attention to ensure we make a success of each. Scope does however exist to grow this catalog exponentially once each of our brands we are currently launching has gotten a foothold in their respective marketplace. We are a small and therefor agile company, who’s sights are set on rapid expansion, and who offers products that can be tailored to suit any potential partner or retailers needs.

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