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J&J Rewards, distribute the original PopSockets brand and can offer
custom designs
PopSockets has opened up a brand new marketing space – The Back Of A Cell Phone. By placing your logo onto the back of someones phone with this handy and fully functional accessory you enter their most personal space. They then become an ambassador for you! Your logo is visible during all calls and texts and sparks conversation around the brand and product.

Custom Brand PopSockets  create your own retail range and sell as retail product

Staff/Customers Gifts This allows for customers to see the brand and ask questions engaging and interacting. This overflows to friends and family over weekends and evenings, other cities and countries.

Value Add Promotion  Allows for brands to create limited edition PopSockets to use in conjunction with sales targets and promos.

Competition Prizes PopSockets are a great gift for prizes. With awesome functionality and your logo on the back you not only award people but you also allow for them to become an ambassador.

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PopSockets was awarded top seller in the Cellular Accessories category WORLDWIDE at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

There are an average of 8 000 public texts or calls per person per year.
If this person has your PopSocket on the back of their phone your logo will be seen by everyone in the vicinity.
If you produce 120 PopSockets – you would end up with 960 000 impressions. That’s about 8 cents per impression. Very few marketing streams can offer such a profound return on investment.

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