Tech Will Save Us Launches in South Africa

The new era of child games 

Tech Will Save Us (TWSU for short), is one of the world’s most exciting start-ups focused on learning. TWSU kits are the newest STEM games powering up playtime for children to enter the South African market. TWSU has won multiple awards like TOTY, IBD, D&DA and many more and is now available in South Africa. Every adventure starts somewhere and these kits teach children to harness everyday technology such as resistors, capacitors, LED lights and many more!

TWSU was founded by Bethany Koby & Daniel Hirschmann in London 2012 who started by packing kits on a kitchen table. The main focus was
to spark the creative imagination of young people by using hands-on technology. TWSU facilitates learning through creation with different DIY kits and hundreds of digital tools and projects.

TWSU entered the South African market only a week ago and is solely distributed by J&J Rewards PTY LTD who are based in Cape Town. TWSU is meant for kids from 4 – 11+ but teens and adults get just as much joy out of building a kit or coding a device. TWSU already has over 14 kits and many add-ons out which will keep you entertained for days on end. That is not even to mention all the hundreds of digital projects and tools available.

The creators of Tech Will Save Us, Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann are bringing toys into the 21st century. “We believe that kids deserve creative toys, which will provide them with the skills that will help prepare them for the future,” says co-founder, Bethany Koby. “As a parent myself, I feel it’s important that toys be educational and help children through key developmental stages, ensuring they’re not just passive consumers of tech.”

TWSU has collaborated with Google, Code Club, The Prince’s Trust, and the BBC to create the micro:bit—a pocket sized computer designed for kids to invent with AND it was given to one million kids and is now used in over 40 countries. The most recent partnership was with Disney who created a Marvel Avengers themed kit inviting children to help superheroes complete secret missions. TWSU mission is to “create a brighter future for kids by encouraging them to create with, rather than be fearful of or passive to, technology”.

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