Most people know that i’m a tech and gadget junkie. When we used to live in Thailand and Malaysia, and when we weren’t island hopping, one of my absolute best things to do was head to one of the famous asian tech malls (yes, a mall with 5 or 6 floors of pure gadgetry and tech) and hang out there for a few hours.

Most of the time we were saving for plane tickets so I couldn’t always buy anything but I loved it nevertheless. The point is that if you’re even half the lover of gadgets that I am you’ll love the Popsocket.



So basically it’s this awesome little piece of flexible plastic that lives on the back of your phone that pop’s out (or in) when you need it.

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It’s actually genius. As our phones are getting bigger, it has become more and more difficult to control your phone with just one finger. That’s mostly because you’re other fingers are wrapped around the other side of the phone to secure it.

The Popsocket moves this point of leverage to the middle of the phone and *voila* all of  sudden your thumb is unshackled. You have freedom again on a big screen device or an iPhone, which are notoriously difficult to control with one finger.


And besides that, there are loads of other benefits. You can watch movies or videos with your phone propped up, you can play spin the bottle with your phone (which i’ve done. It wasnt that great doing it alone though), you can use it as a stand and so on.

But my personal favourite feature of the Popsocket is that it virtually guarantees that you will not scratch your phones camera lens. And a phone with a scratched lens is useless to me.

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  • popsocket

It’s also quite the talking point. Everyone who sees my phone asks me about it. And they all want one.

You can go grab yours here >> http://popsockets.co.za << I think they’re about a R100 and now come in a bunch of colours and prints.

It’s a very cool product. So cool i’d even get one for my mom.


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