Forget the selfie stick, PopSockets are where it’s at! These nifty little gizmos are the best way to take a selfie and since I got mine 3 weeks ago I simply cannot stop using it (seriously it’s a proper addiction). This oh-so-simple little smartphone accessory is a phone grip and stand in one and will make your life so much easier in so many ways. I honestly think everyone should own one and then buy another one to gift to a friend. Don’t believe me? Just ask famous model Gigi Hadid, TV personality, Giuliana Rancic, or selfie queen, Kylie Jenner – they all use and love their PopSockets. Here’s why you need one and where to get it in SA.

Ok, so if you’ve ever taken a selfie before (let’s face it, it’s 2016, who hasn’t?) then you’ve probably noticed that holding your phone at the right angle AND pressing the camera button at the same time requires some serious multi-tasking skills. In fact, it’s near impossible. Which is why Popsockets are so brilliant! This nifty little guy attaches to the back of your phone using a super sticky adhesive grip (trust me, it won’t come off) and allows you to keep a firm grasp on your device while keeping your thumbs free to press the camera button and take that all-important shot. The PopSockets stick to your phone using a reusable, sticky gel pad that leaves no sticky residue on your device.

Popsockets Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner test out the PopSockets.

The great thing about the PopSocket is it also helps you get rid of the super embarrassing selfie stick – because while they’re useful in some situations, selfie sticks still have a stigma attached to them. I’ve used both a selfie stick and a PopSocket and for me, the PopSocket comes out tops every time. I couldn’t believe how easy it was taking selfies using this little gadget – it really is ingenious yet so, so simple! I also love that the PopSocket doesn’t take up space or make your phone bulky. The little gadget expands and collapses with ease and sits snuggly on the back of your phone when you don’t.

But it’s not just about taking great selfies. The PopSocket is a multi-tasker of note and can also be used as a phone grip for texting or browsing (it makes texting super easy!), a phone stand (when watching videos and making video calls), or to keep your earphone cord tangle-free (just wrap the cord around the PopSocket). I’ve been using mine for just over three weeks now and I’ve found so many great uses for it that I want to buy another one for my tablet. From sticking them to my bedroom mirror to hang jewellery to popping one on a GoPro for even more grip in the water – the possibilities are endless.

Popsockets selfie

These handy little phone grips come in a wide variety of colours and designs, so there’s one for every type of gal. PopSockets are available online from at R129 each. And, to make your life even easier you can invest in a The Popclips (R129). The Popclips can stick to any surface and serves as a stand for your PopSocket. Simply slide your PopSocket into the Popclips and you have a hands-free phone stand for your car, kitchen, or wherever you need it!

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