Go Water

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try GO Water.


This seemed right up my alley, owing to the fact that my motivation to train was lacking a bit. Initially, it was strange drinking an energy drink that has no flavour. Yip, that’s right, it tastes like pure, clean spring water! It was also felt strange to down a bottle of “water” (only because I’m not used to drinking that amount of fluid in one go). And then, I waited…


I started warming up, and suddenly, about 10 minutes in, I felt my lethargy lift! I instantly felt boosted. There were no side effects, like feeling jittery, or light-headed. Just a pure stream of constant energy. I had an amazing high intensity workout for the first time in weeks! Even though it was challenging, I was able to push through and complete each set.


Whats Good about Go?


Although it is caffeinated water, its less than you’d find in a good americano. Go Water just gives you that little extra boost.

Go Water is also pH neutral, your bottle is filled with spring water and infused with electrolytes. Even better is that its calorie and sugar free, unlike so many other energy drinks on the market.

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