Go Water launches in South Africa

Go Amplified Caffeinated Water, an energy-boosting water product has been launched in South Africa, at a time when sugar-sweetened drinks are facing strong scrutiny.
Go Water launches in South AfricaWith zero sugar, calories and preservatives, this product goes a long way in ensuring the health of its users. Each bottle contains 50mg of caffeine, 10mg of potassium, 10mg magnesium, 10mg of calcium, is gluten-free and vegan. The water comes from a mountain spring in Pennsylvania, which the company says has some of the purest water in the world, with a TDS (total dissolved solids) level of 4, very low when compared to most water brands.

Functional water

The product finds itself residing in the ‘functional water’ category, competing alongside electrolyte-enhanced water, protein-enhanced water, vitamin-enhanced water and any additional water products providing a purpose beyond essential hydration.

The functional water category continues to grow rapidly due to consumer pressures demanding beverages that offer functionality without artificial ingredients, coupled with little or no added sweeteners.

“It was originally developed for the US military to give the troops a lift when they needed it most, while also ensuring they remained hydrated. We saw the retail potential for this product and decided to bring the concept to our domestic market and launch it as a healthy, active lifestyle brand, giving our consumers an option when looking for a boost,” commented co-founder of GO Water and operations manager of J and J Brand Company, Jan Strydom.

Go Water is available at some Spar and Engen outlets; Giovanni’s in Green Point and Liquor City in Claremont.

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