Justin Garner

Founder & Operations – United States of America
J & J Rewards, J & J Brand Company


Justin, the sole American of the company, often dreams of the day he will be deported back to the USA only to be denied by a HUGE wall forever placing him in limbo. Product development is his passion, marketing is his fortè, and being half Asian is his biggest advantage.

Jan Parmentier

Founder & Accounts Executive – Belgium
J & J Rewards, J & J Brand Company


Jan P, more commonly known as “Belgian Jan”, handles accounts, financing, and anything that is spreadsheet related. He LOVES crunching numbers, building graphs, and developing business plans. If you gave him your phone number he’d divide it by 12 to see his turnover per month.

Claudine Le Roux

Office & Operations Manager – South Africa


Claudine, our official office boss, is the main point of contact for all enquiries. There isn’t a question she cant answer. Claudine is the bread to the butter for J & J Group and without her skills and expertise we would be lost!

Brighton Chinowaita

Warehouse Manager – Zimbabwe


Brighton AKA “Makhulu Boss” streamlines the information flow from office to warehouse. Hand in hand with Ashley – All your orders go through these gentleman’s hands. Every product and parcel is injected with the love, sweat and tears of our warehouse team.PS: Word has spread that Brighton is in line to be Zimbabwe’s next president, he has our vote and we recommend he gets yours too!

Ashley Shamba

Warehouse – Zimbabwe


Mr. Ashley, the man with a plan, is most likely found in the warehouse sorting out last minute & extremely important deliveries. He is very precise in his methods and needs not to be questioned when it comes to product knowledge. Ashley is somewhat of a miracle man when it comes to product testing, organization, and packaging.

Aubrey Ndiza

Sales & Accounts Manager – South Africa


Aubrey, our in house Sales Guru, spends his days working on his sales pitches and cornering the market to make sure our products reach far and wide.He enjoys long walks on the beach, but not in the corny way and is always up for a road trip, even if it’s just to the nearest store to pitch a product. You will most likely catch him listening to loud music, amping himself up to make that sale.

Kelly Louw

Procurement Manager – South Africa


Kelly spends her days scouring for the coolest products to sell. She prides herself on being our in house expert on Amazon and Google products and she’s a secret sales lady too, gifted with the gab, she can talk the hind leg off a donkey and sell it back to him. Somehow Kelly juggles all of her talents, whilst being a super mom to the sweetest little boy and learning Spanish in her free time.

Romi Lockitch

Marketing Manager – South Africa


Romi is the newest Marketing addition to the team. With an Honour’s degree in Psychology, she knows how to get down to the core emotions that make people want to buy more. You can find her creating campaigns, examining target markets and making our social media followings grow. Watch out, we’re not saying she can read your mind, but she may know you better than you think!

Philip Krugel

Finance Administrator – South Africa


Philip is our resident financial whizz. Hailing all the way from Vryheid, he made his way to the big city to pursue his finance dreams. He’s in charge of paying all of our accounts, so make sure to get in his good books! Organised and efficient, he makes sure all admin procedures are running smoothly and that the paperwork is up to date. When he’s not crunching numbers, you can find him exploring Cape Town’s nature spots and working on his fitness.

Denford Munyiki

Warehouse Assistant – Zimbabwe


Denford, or as we call him Denny, is part of our efficient warehouse team. He may seem quiet at first but he always has a joke up his sleeve and a smile on his face. He packs orders and sends them out with love to all of our clients. Dubbed the office sweetheart, he is always polite and cheerful, but with the strength of Goliath from all of his lifting, he is no walkover. His claim to fame is being the younger brother of Craig David’s doppelgänger.

Wynand Trieloff

Driver – South Africa


Wynand – The “Madala” of the team, delivers our local Cape Town orders with a smile. You may have met him dropping off samples with a complimentary story attached. Full of experience and an eagerness for life Wynand is an asset to the J&J Group.

Angelique Abrahams

Procurement Assistant – South Africa


Angelique is Kelly’s right hand lady, quiet and focused, she helps Kelly with all of the admin required to source the best products. Angelique is truly a multi faceted lady, when she’s not hard at work she plays her pink violin in her church orchestra, does DIY projects and enjoys exploring nature.

Candice-Leigh Coetzee

Operations assistant – South Africa


Candice is the youngest member of our team but don’t let her age fool you, she is wise beyond her years! Candice is in charge of our customer service, making sure orders are sent out promptly and helping Claudine with all the admin tasks that keep J & J Rewards running. Candice learnt her focus and patience from playing Pokemon, she not only wants to catch them all, but she wants to complete all her daily tasks too. If you call through with a problem, be sure to except a friendly and efficient Candice helping you.