November 2019 Newsletter

Are you Ready for Festive Season? We have some great products at great deals! Larry’s Smash Ball is Here! Smash Ball is an action packed 2-on-2 volleyball style game where teams have 3 hits to return or spike the ball to the circular net – fun for everyone at the beach, BBQs, camping, and more! Get […]

October Highlights at J and J Rewards

Popsockets New Products Coming Soon! Coming soon! A new range of Popsockets! If you are interested in buying these products they will exclusively available at selected retailers. If you are interested in stocking these products, contact us now! More info coming soon! Contact Us Are You Ready For Games Night? We are in the works, […]

Popsockets Price Drop

Exclusive Distributors of PopSockets South Africa J&J Rewards, distribute the original PopSockets brand and can offer custom designs PopSockets has opened up a brand new marketing space – The Back Of A Cell Phone. By placing your logo onto the back of someones phone with this handy and fully functional accessory you enter their most personal […]

J and J Rewards at the SAMAs

PopSockets Create a Buzz at the SAMAs  J&J Rewards took PopSockets to the South African Music Awards last weekend and the response was amazing! We activated over 150 celebrities with a PopSocket that was included in their SAMA Goodie Bags and they just couldn’t get enough of them. Watch this space for future collaborations. Shop […]

Tech Will Save Us Launches in South Africa

The new era of child games  Tech Will Save Us (TWSU for short), is one of the world’s most exciting start-ups focused on learning. TWSU kits are the newest STEM games powering up playtime for children to enter the South African market. TWSU has won multiple awards like TOTY, IBD, D&DA and many more and […]

Africa’s First MemExhibition

What has gone down at GalleryOne11 with Africa’s First MemExhibition? Everyone was interacting and getting creative at the exhibition with making Memes and memories. WDYM? Caption Cards and Photo Cards, what more do you need for a fun filled Meme-ingful evening? Enjoy, Play, Win We decided to make it a little more interesting.. Interested yet? Read on below: The […]

Go Water launches in South Africa

Go Amplified Caffeinated Water, an energy-boosting water product has been launched in South Africa, at a time when sugar-sweetened drinks are facing strong scrutiny. With zero sugar, calories and preservatives, this product goes a long way in ensuring the health of its users. Each bottle contains 50mg of caffeine, 10mg of potassium, 10mg magnesium, 10mg […]

Go Water

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try GO Water.   This seemed right up my alley, owing to the fact that my motivation to train was lacking a bit. Initially, it was strange drinking an energy drink that has no flavour. Yip, that’s right, it tastes like pure, clean spring water! It was […]

New Go Amplified Caffeinated Water – Zero sugar, all the energy

Forget sweetened energy drinks, there has been a huge disruption in the market with a new player being introduced; Go Amplified Caffeinated Water! This caffeinated beverage was specifically designed for consumers seeking an energy-boosting product, that would provide a much-needed kick; without the inevitable crash. However, our target audience continues to demand beverages that offer […]