About Us

J AND J Rewards was created with the aim of fabricating and building trendy and well respected brands. 
The team, assembled from our two international founders, empowers the creation of truly unique brand value in the lifestyle industry of South Africa.  J AND J Rewards believes that it is of highest value to deliver the best service to our customers, retailers, and promotional vendors by being first to market with new and innovative brands and ideas.


Sourcing and and Promotional Items 

We strive to bring you unique bespoke products that are used every day which assist in changing life positively and convert everyday activities into a constant brand awareness reminder in order to maximise exposure and incorporate your brand into a daily useful resonance.
Our dedicated office in china updates us regularly with the newest slick gadgets and lifestyle products on the market to ensure we can deliver only the trendiest ideas that will assist in growing your brand and corporate identity into the power house that it can and should be.

J AND J specialises in lifestyle, electronics, and FMCG products but are always willing to take on new and upcoming brands in any industry. We are a young and motivated group of individuals who have never seen a task that is too big for us to conquer.


Together with our own in-house developed brands, J AND J sources and distributes multitudinous, reputable international brands such as PopSockets LLC, What Do You Meme, Rombica, Bexters, Go Water, and many more. We are extremely selective in regards to which brands we distribute not only valuing price point but also the quality, durability, and life span aspects that are so crucial to our ever changing industry.

With a reach of over 600 retails stores in every major city in South Africa, our sales agents will provide you with the confidence that we can push your brand onto the top buyers and retailers in the country. Together with our in-house multi dimensional skilled marketing team, we assist in making your brand shine with the use of social media, activation, catalogs, and much more.

Scope of Work
Not to brag or anything (ok maybe a little) but we have worked with market leaders such as Levis, Havanias, Mr. Price, Absa, Huisgenoot, NWU, Spar, Kulula, Ramsay Media, Twitter, Instagram and various other reputable companies looking to use our products for branding or promotional purposes. Visit the respective brand pages to find out more.